About RatGTEx

Associated Studies

Manuscripts in preparation.


For questions or comments related to the data or website, email Daniel Munro at dmunro@scripps.edu.

The RatGTEx data is currently available as a beta version. Please let us know if you'd like to use it for research so we can ensure everything is correct.


RatGTEx is produced by the NIDA center for genetic studies of drug abuse in outbred rats (P50DA037844). It is not a project of the GTEx Consortium.

Code for visualizations was adapted from the GTEx portal viz tools, and additional design considerations were inspired by the GTEx portal.

Data Specifications

The datasets provided in this portal conform to the following specifications to facilitate comparisons across tissues.



Gene expression

Expression tables are provided in BED format, with four columns describing the gene plus one column per sample.Only the transcription start sites are specified, not the whole gene length.

All significant cis-eQTL gene-SNP pairs (*.cis_qtl_signif.txt.gz)

A compressed tab-separated table.

Strong associations from trans-eQTL mapping (*.trans_qtl_pairs.txt.gz)

All measured SNPs genome-wide were tested against expression of each gene, and pairs with p-value < 1e-5 and > 5 Mb TSS distance are included here. Rows are sorted by variant location.