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Gene info

Raw data

RNA-Seq reads for the IL, LHb, NAcc, OFC, and PL brain regions are available in SRA and can be accessed from GEO accession GSE173141.

Gene expression

log2(count+1) Used to compute allelic fold change

Eye | IL | LHb | NAcc | OFC | PL

TPM (transcripts per million) Relative abundance of transcripts

Eye | IL | LHb | NAcc | OFC | PL

Inverse-quantile normalized Used for eQTL mapping

Eye | IL | LHb | NAcc | OFC | PL


Conditionally independent cis-eQTLs
A table of cis-eQTLs from all brain regions.

All significant cis-eQTL variant-gene pairs

Eye | IL | LHb | NAcc | OFC | PL

Top association per gene
A table of the strongest variant-gene association per gene per brain region, even if not significant. A q-value threshold of 0.05 was used to determine significant eQTLs in the original study.

top trans associations
All SNP-gene associations genome-wide with TSS distance > 5 Mb and with an arbitrary cutoff of p < 1e-5

Eye | IL | LHb | NAcc | OFC | PL


Different types of data used for visualizations, including expression, eQTLs, and reference annotations, can be accessed via API. See the API documentation for details.